State Urge

Обложка альбома State UrgeSTATE URGE is a band hailing from Gdynia, consisting of four musicians whose shared passion for creating unique music that is hard to classify. They're performing white rock - an original genre. On one side it has roots deep in a classic rock sound, on the other hand it's unpretentious, fresh and most importantly emotionally honest. In 2011 they self-released their demo - Underground Heart EP. Enthusiastic opinions about the release allowed the band to be aired on Polish Radio Channel 3 thanks to kindness and by personal choice of redactor Piotr KACZKOWSKI. Interesting fact is, that the album consisted of almost only instrumental improvisations, with vocals and additional effects added later on. In 2012 the band released another EP, What Comes Next?. The main point of this release was to find out the answer to the question stated in it's title. What comes next? The group was pleasantly surprised with positive reviews, they served as motivation and driving force to dedicating even more work to creating music.
  • Трек: More
  • Исполнитель (артист): State Urge
  • Длительность 10:12
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Видео клип "State Urge - More"

  • 8:00
    State UrgeIllusion (2013)
  • 5:49
    State UrgeTumbling Down
  • 3:59
    State UrgeConfrontation
  • 8:07
    State UrgeAll I Need
  • 4:01
    State UrgePreface (2013)
  • 5:47
    State UrgeCold As A Lie
  • 4:26
    State UrgeRevival
  • 5:46
    State Urge:Gaze
  • 7:10
    State UrgeLiquid Disease
  • 5:29
    State UrgeThird Wave of Decadence
  • 4:00
    State UrgeBefore The Dawn
  • 5:12
    State UrgeNew Season
  • 6:20
    State UrgeTime Rush
  • 4:02
    State UrgeBefore The Dawn
  • 8:32
    State UrgeMidnight Mistress
  • 8:07
    State UrgeAll I Need (2013)
  • 7:59
    State UrgeIllusion
  • 7:57
    State UrgeIllusion
  • 5:29
    State UrgeThird Wave Of Decadence (2013)
  • 4:59
    State UrgeLong For You
  • 11:24
    State UrgeUnderground Heart
  • 4:46
    Pine Tree State Mind ControlImplication/Recognition (Still RNR) Urge Cleanse (LHUN)
  • 48:32
    State UrgeWhite Rock Experience
  • 6:49
    State Urge Hallelujah (cover)